Graduate Fashion Week 2019


Infectious Evolution on the Catwalk, at Graduate Fashion Week London 2019, the collection is a concept set of garments which explore the next stage of human evolution, whereupon Nature has conquered the artificial poisons we have placed into the world. The revolution of uncontrollable evolution brings, striding forth, an image of our new reality, where we are replaced; each of the garments brought to life by the confrontational parade of the Evolution.

The acrylic accessories and garment celebrate the cohesion between traditional techniques, such as pattern-drafting, with a multitude of more abstract techniques such as Laser-cutting and Heat Moulding by hand, all enabling the supple touch of the acrylic, as if in motion, while caught in frieze. Identifying the simultaneity between the artifice of the material and its manufacture, with the spontaneous intuition of occurrences in Nature, all framed to suit the new comprehension of the human body.

The collection was selected for catwalk by Hilary Alexander OBE and Betty Jackson, and has been the labour of my final year of university. It is the artistic statement of my dedication, my focus, my passion, and my creative capacity.

The consideration of choices in fabric, print, shape, emotion, movement, tactility, and impression, were held throughout the design and manufacture processes, and are carried forth into my design of today.

Photography by Becky Louise Photography