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I, Florentina is a 2019 Graduate short film portraying a descendent of Dr Frankenstein in her pursuit of reanimation after death of her dear cousin.

My role was initially consultation: gathering costumes choices, and advising on potential construction- but just days before shooting, I was brought on to create the skirt for the titular character from scratch. Without exact measurements or access to a sewing machine, and the clock ticking, I had to create something evocative to fit this precise vision. 


The skirt was based on clothes and shapes worn by poorer Victorian individuals which has to prioritise function over fashion, match the mania of the characters fixation, while suggesting something of a past of some eloquence; and most of all allow the actor to transform and perform enchantingly while in comfort.


Comprising of two separate skirts, a multi-layered tulle underskirt and a pleated poplin skirt which would showcase details of dust and dirt which deepened the characterisation. Each day of shooting I was present on set to aid with costume and any other matters which needed attention.

Shot entirely on a painstakingly detailed set, and featuring the extreme talents of Aislinn De'ath as the titular Florentina.

I, Florentina on set Aislinn Death and Ellen Rutherford_edited.png
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