• R Mansfield

A concept brought to life

April 23rd. Any other Tuesday in April normally. Yet today, my creative vision and soul met with a collection of others to create something incredible, beautiful, and magnificent to the core. Photoshoots could be reportage, very simple, fashion-based poses- and there is a time and place for this- but that is not me. No way. And so, amongst everything else, over the last month, there has been a concerted effort to bring together people to make this vision, and this began with the Cardiff-based photographer, Tom Hughes. Upon seeing his work, purely by chance, I knew in my soul, I needed him to photograph my collection and bring it to fascinating, fantastical, and macabre. He was the most amazing photographer to work with, identifying models who would work best for the concept, a make-up artist, and a studio and a location which could be accessible for all. All I had to do was get there- which was no small feat, but it was the most amazing day, and across the team, every one was friendly, fired-up for the concept, and nothing but professional to the core for the shoot. There was nothing about that day which should have been changed but it did reveal deeply to me, that I am an artist whose consideration is of the theatricality, the story, the emotion, the moment, the concept, and the effect the garment has on exemplifying the ideologies of the person creating them. The shots are going to be amazing, and I truly feel somewhat more confident going out into the world and going forward knowing there are others who share my vision, and that wherever I am I can share in this vision. While being an experimental individual who wants to push boundaries which weren’t even considered as questions. The more I create, and find people to work with, the more I realise that I am an artist, whose medium is Fashion.

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