• R Mansfield

A flicker of Passion

The first Outfit fitting was always going to be an interesting review, however I was deeply aware I was going into this off the back of a bad week, in which there had been great struggles to maintain attendance, motivation, and face, so my attitude was to present what I had and the ideas of whereabouts I was moving to. However, this was not to be the case- it was in fact that my completed garment of the previous unit was modelled before me, and in that- the movement of the train, the strength of the headmask, the fiery silhouette of the ruffles, the overall esteem of the garment- that I saw the collection lives through and within the drama of this one. This piece is the doorway to avenues of boundless creative energy and freedoms innumerable, it is about seizing them and pursuing them, without getting caught up with where I was with the collection, to look at where I can be, what the collection could be, how it could always be so much more. The coat was also reviewed, and the areas where I recognised issue, were agreed upon- the shortness of the back, the inappropriate nature of the fit, and the requirement for redesign efforts. Aspects of which I was aware, but now, in seeing the dress, there is fire again, and there is drive to complete more and to work more, starting back with the coat, but in a new way to achieve the nature of the fit first, and then develop the shaping desired from there.

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