• R Mansfield

A glimmer of chance

From the coat, there is one key element which stands out (and I suppose Up)- The Collar. Tall and funnelling around the head, obscuring the mouth and part of the nose, it needs to fit with greater shape than the prior toile, and developing the organic, while powerful final result. The result is one of varying methods, exploring the exact shapes and lengths of the neckline to create a collar which stands away from the body – which did not work, instead leaning in and infact constraining even closer to the form than the prior rectangle of fabric. This was followed by a drastic decision to create a pattern which would almost certainly overcompensate and over-dramatise the collar desired, to allow for the reshaping with needing to entirely re-manufacture the collar. The result of this is both effective and comical, not an aspect which was predicted to prevail in the concept, however the accentuation and eccentricity of the shape and height give a special quality to the collar. Despite the exacerbated shape, there was a great deal of delicate tweaks which could be made, and allowed for a range of variations which satisfied the eventual shape which will be pursued in the coat. This was a good achievement to make and a good place to reach with the manufacture. However, on this day, I also sat in front of this coat for almost an hour, as if I was praying and pleading with it, attempting to find a redesign which fired my soul, and gave me joy and a feeling which tells one they are on the right track, as the slim and solid form of the coat have become somewhat intoxicating in the powerful presence commanded, which is a statement considering they are purely in calico as of now. This however, has caused issues with the prior design, one which felt as though there was so much potential, now lacks that energy, and coat was thrown into a frenzy of thought again. However, about 5 minutes before I was forced to leave my idol and altar to my concept, a thought occurred- one of fabric and surface texture, one of presence and one of colour, and it may just be what drives me forth now. It shall remain to be seen.

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