• R Mansfield

Bloodied Materials

In between a flying visit away and a vital first review, time was found, as well as some now ruined sheeting, to trial the effect of spray-paint for glass, on clear acrylic, to understand how it works around the body and the proportions in which it functions . The effect replicates that of blood on a slide, or of a blood splatter, and it brings so much to the outcome of the acrylic. Beyond this, it would allow for creative freedom and give greater mobility to the use of acrylic as it allows for the premium and ideal thickness of 2mm (which is not available in coloured acrylics) to be used, for the sake of the finish and the potential in the material. This will be explored much more, and ideas are beginning to form as to how it could manipulate and undulate around the form, while still allowing for the piece to flow, this is beginning to excite the mind and the soul.

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