• R Mansfield

Bodily Suiting

The design of the over-the-head bodysuit has transformed through the inspired redesign of the outfit. Existing in the previously committed design which features a covered body of petals, the design has vastly developed to one which credits and compliments the human form, but has a greater speech of the natural elements shifting and transgressing over the body. To reach the final design however, first the fit must be attained, to allow for alterations which caress and fit around the complexity of the form into a shape which works with the desired final effect. The bodysuit recalls working in the Powernet of the head-masks and dress, and the return to stretch fabrics, despite their challenges, in somewhat of a relief, as my working style and the way in which the patterns work in stretch fabric was one in which I adjusted to over this time. All of that came back to me and it was as though I was returning to the fabric which fits with my concept so clearly through its inherent adaptability to movement and form. The bodysuit itself, which is Babylocked together, fits well on the mannequin, having made adjustments to the height of the waist and of the crotch, which were both too high. The most important aspect now, is putting the piece on a body to see if it truly fits, before the more interesting things can happen

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