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Burn the Doorway, Find a new Room.

As my degree draws to a close, the surreal nature of this is beginning to hit. While there is still. GFW to contend with, the reality of actually completing this time is beyond strange. As if, like school, there is the constant feeling it will never be over, and then when it is the world feels freer, but the pressure to make something of yourself is greater. I have my plans, back-up plans, and a great deal of flexibility within my goals and how I intend to achieve them, all of which are specified within my career pack. The goals currently are hand-in and Graduate Fashion Week, and upon having had such an up and down year, the recognition of needing to take a break from working to the level which has been needed to be observed; this became apparently clear when I was ill, and 2 weeks of being entirely unable to function, not feeling as myself, and not being able to recall as time in recent years in which being ill has brought me such misery. I have always pushed myself, and I will continue to do this, but there is no point pushing yourself if do so, so hard you lose the ability to do anything at all; and this could not be truer than what happened this year.

I am excited to enter the world, to apply for places, to take experiences, and to see where I end up after all this. I want to work across the world, and I want to create Art through Fashion, these are my two core goals, and I have no intention of not fulfilling them. This year has been one which has taught me much about myself and the way in which I work, what I strive to create, and while the collection has been the focus for nearly a year, I will always have a fondness for it as the set of outfits, and the design process which made me realise who I am and what my core, as a creative, and as a designer, truly is: Intense, Avant-Garde, Conceptual, and Powerful. This is the final time I will write here as a student prior to my hand-in, but this is not the end, and my journey, whatever it may be, will be here, laid out for all to see.

This is Rachael Mansfield, Design by R, Thank you and Goodnight.

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