• R Mansfield

Chasms of Red

The push for the dress has become a challenge and a mammoth such as the outside seaming, and then to push the seaming even further (and myself) to create areas of variant seam allowance, and additional areas of gathering by slashing and spreading the pattern has resulted in a piece which took a great deal of time to construct, and the diligence needed, in every aspect rom matching only chalked notches (to increase the rippling and prevent from releasing the seams) to the understanding of the relationship of the sewing lines in the alternative seam allowances. The colour, despite intentions to recreate in a dark tone as the toile was, came about from the pure chance of finding and replicating the fabric weight and properties of the toile. The overall feel and tone of the piece is imposing, and the rippling veins and roots which assemble the form add to the sense of power and of the growing strength of the evolving form. The final is something which resonates and develops on from the prior garment of the previous unit, developing and creating the rippling effect in a more sophisticated way, where the shape is innate to the form of the body and to the garment as it constrains the form and restricts the human elements in the high collar. The high collar, and the strict symmetry of the form are also approached as the acrylic neck piece is brought onto and around the form to shape and distort the high neck into an imposing and dynamic area which adds to the vivacity of the garment itself.

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