• R Mansfield

Conflicts of Creativity

Trying to articulate the final ideas for this design have been a challenge as it is constantly evolving without the feeling of finding the design which solidifies the intent of the project, and truly continues the prevailing savagery which is so poignant across the outfits so far considered. Trying to find the design has just not come the same way the others have, and while it has been a difficult process, there has been toiling and sampling to attempt to assist, such as the creation of the new headmask which potentially had a withered appearance, however this fell through as the changes simply made it too large, which then changed by the addition of burnt fabrics, which have appeal and feel prevalent, drawing parallels when layered with the acrylic- however it feels the collection has moved beyond this, that this is too much of what the collection no longer is, and there is a sophistication in the execution of the perceived natural which is not achieved in retreating to this method. There is further conflicting opinions and criticisms I have been offered regarding the criteria which must be met concerning the variation in the types of garment, and this leaves me in a complete lack of assurance over where to go now.

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