• R Mansfield

Cover your mouth and be quiet

The variation in the coverage and nature of headmasks has been a consistent one, concerning how they affect the perception of the garment as well as the wear, and while there was still a poisonous obsession with the prior collection, there was an initial exploration into the use of a mash which sits over the nose and mouth, but under the eyes, allowing them to connect with every point of contact, while there are seemingly silenced while nature takes its course in the next stages of evolutionary growth. Despite taking measurements from an expansive number of reference areas on the face, the “breathing” mask was not even close to fitting, and as a result of the poor state of mind set in motion by the initial day of the week, this did not help to dispel difficulties of this time. This idea has been placed on halt for now but is one which is certainly worth of returning to for the potential in it.

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