• R Mansfield

Creativity is a Flame & the Candle is low

Reflection upon one day in particular, brings into sharp perspective the way in which I work, and the way in which I fall apart. I went into a new week with every intention of it being a good week, a productive week, a week in which the difficulties of the prior one would be forgotten, and growth would happen. However, as the coat came into Sharp focus, the design was simply stared at with little to no enthusiasm, and a large quantity of disdain, for the movement, the shape, and the way in which it did not realise the vision I was so intent on pursuing for it. It was to be something different, and this had failed, and as another conflict in ones battle of the creative self and creatively-driven soul, this was hard. As the detest of the coat dress grew, sketches were attempted, but a measly number materialised and it became one of the hardest starts to a week I have ever faced. Creativity it not easy. It is something people often forget- assumed that one could sit down and draw and be fulfilled, and then the creative individual is done and succeeded. Often it is assumed that a sad or emotional artist makes their best work while in their worst mental spaces, but this is not true. Maybe Picasso is the classic example who has blesses the world with vivacity of brushstroke and colour, while damning ever creative to this preconception; but even that is wrong. Creativity and inspiration do not breed in sadness, but in the blessing of inspiration, and the life which is given to the soul when it is; Picasso’s late works, those he is most famous for, in Arles, were done when he escaped his pain; art can be painful, it can be trying, but it is the call of the creative soul which makes every single person who pursues it, in whatever format, articulate the fire which burns at their heart. On this day, sadness and pressure kept me from this fire, as it felt akin to a smouldering ember… The fire always rises, it will never be extinguished, but on this day it struggled to maintain and endure against all. This, however, showed and reiterated that my method, my inspiration, cannot be forced, and while at the time I was ignorant to it, but the collection submitted for the prior unit needed to be disposed of, as it plagued and constricted development I was unaware way even manifesting. Under the surface, it was.

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