• R Mansfield

Darkness, sheen, complexity

The coat, having finished the alterations and finally created the pattern, was aimed to be assembled for the review, alongside the fitting necessary for the jumpsuit. However, the coat had encountered problems through the coated polyester cotton opted for toiling, an interesting fabric but unsuited to the nature of the curving patterns and seams. As a result, the front halves were completed, however with a multitude of gathering and pleating which fails to meet the standards set out initially, of a tailored, and technically perfect piece, which I feel I should have been able to rectify. However, upon the toile review, there was needed assurance given of the fabrics difficulty, and the difficulty of the pattern making this task impossible. The coat, while the initial façade lacks the impact and clarity desired, the reverse side, with the proximity and proportion of the seams to the panels giving the curves of the seams an unmatched precedence, and adding to the textural impact of the surface. Alongside the coat, and the reinvention of it, was the fitting and adjustments of the hooded bodysuit, which needs to fit well to allow for the successful breaking up of the pattern into the design decided upon and pursued. This was an incredibly useful review, and while to-do list has now greatly increased, the destination is somewhat clearer. Somewhat… Head down… Keep Working… Stay Inspired… Stay Curious… Let it Evolve in all its natural violence.

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