• R Mansfield

Ethereal realities of wearable Sculpture

While the design for the final created outfit is taking place, I needed to allow it to kick itself out, the focus shifted to the purely acrylic outfit, where the development from last year was an aspect to be noted, as the garment had no fastening, only a set of screws which could be used to assemble and disassemble the garment, however this was a timely process and also does not fit particularly with considerations of the wearer, and so in order to find a functional garment which fits the nature of the acrylic, and assist in the issue, hardware fixings were examined. Nylon hinges were found which fit with the aesthetic and nature of the acrylic, to shape onto the body, and allow the garment to hinge open on one side seam, while the fastening was the examination of multiple clasps with prior assigned functions. One allows for the hooking over and pulling back which could work well, while the other is a 90 degree turn of a curved spike through a loop. This has an aspect of theatricality but is also far heavier and could take away from the rest of the garment- for this reason the design will be pursued with the smaller of the two in mind, to allow for fit against the body. The hardware aspect, feels as though, despite some opposing opinions, it will function with form and satisfaction as it draws on the inclusivity of the artificial and the manmade, and how it functions to the form of these higher creatures.

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