• R Mansfield

Fighting Myself

Nearly two weeks have been robbed from me as I have lay in a spinning and nauseating haze. In this time I have been barely able to think, stand without support, or walk without stumbling in a sideways attempt to remain steady. And progress has completely stopped with no knowing of how to get back on track- where to pick up on and what to focus on, I am lost and concerned, and I am trying to reform myself and my ideas and I am drawing a blank on what the do. The designs for the outfit 3 remain elusive and ever-shifting- constantly wandering if the idea has come from my subconscious taking is from someone else, whether it would actually work, and if I have time to make it work. I do not know where to go and I am not entirely right but I need to be go back to working as I get better as I cannot afford the time taken away from me right now. M body appears to have given up just weeks away from when I could finally relax- and now I’m panicked. Great.

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