• R Mansfield

Fittings, Final Checks, Action!

Alongside the forays and exploration of the coats potential, I made myself a truly involved costumier/seamstress, attending the first day of filming to press and hang the costumes, meet and introduce myself to the lovely Aislinn De’Ath and get her fitted and comfortable as able, in the garb of Florentina. This also involved aiding the angelic Ellen into her garments, and to be available to assist with duties which required attention. An extra body was needed on set, and my enthrallment with involvement in this project, and my ability to genuinely dedicate myself to the costume as part of a larger project, was something very special. Very admittedly, this did greatly takeaway from the time to work on my own collection, however, this was personal, singular choice, and It is not regretted at all. The time on set was amazing, and to witness the film coming together was one of the work of fellow dedicated creatives. Costume, and collaboration in film is an element I would thoroughly consider and encourage the partaking of in again. To see the final result is anticipated with much excitement.


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