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Graduate Fashion Week Selection- Do you make the cut?

Selection Day. It was strange to be there, but this time it was the work of myself, and of the people I have worked around and with, and suddenly (thought no one seemed to act anything other than supportive) we were against one another in a attempt to be selected, and what we create and we have worked on for near a year, was being judged as to whether it was good enough for the opinions of those who are only seeing your work for 10 minutes, have not researched the concept, toiled numerous times, or even been there. This was a lot, and up to the day, I began to feel nervous, there were concerns, and doubts (surprise), however on the day, in my unorthodox professionalism, I felt something closer to fire, and drive, and in the end, I was much more fired up to show off my collection, and to want to put my work out there for others to see, and explain my concept, have people experience it and let everything I have been working come to blows for others to see. The collection is not simple, and ending up last, there felt like an absurd amount of pressure, however by the time the models were in the garments eventually, there was no time to panic or worry, only to perform. And that’s the guise I took on. Deep breaths, engagement, determination. While presentations are something which can be worried about and agonised over, preparation without over-engineering and over-preparing, seems to work better, as adrenaline carried me through, and my collection became what I presented about my creed and as a designer and Artist.

And apparently that worked- I’m throw to the catwalk show. This moment, after I genuinely thought I would not be considered and was at peace with that, I was shocked. My collection, artistic, conceptual, harsh, and alternative, was going to be one of the choices to represent the university. Honestly, I was not concerned about GFW, I know it is unlikely to give me a job- that is about what I do for myself- but just to see my work on the catwalk, like a compilation of everything I have done, and for the people around me as well, it is just a shock, and while it is more to work for, I will work for it, and I want what I do for it to be right.

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