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To pursue the experimentation of the jumpsuit, and accustom to the effect and reality of the babylocking of the voile into the seam gap of the powernet; a selection of samples were completed. The 8cm sample was completed in the manner which the jumpsuit was initially aimed to be created, where the raw egdes of the piece were contained entirely within the babylocking of the seam; However in this sample, the visibility of the babylocking, and the neatness of the edge ultimately limited the final outcome to a far-too sanitised version of the outcome, which is an aspect I am eager to avoid at all stages. The 9cm samples has taken some consideration, and despite the instant reaction which regarded the sample as too messy, where the fabric lacked adequate measure for the size of the gap and it seemed too asymmetric and ill-considered. However, upon a time reflecting on the outcomes and realising what it ia that I want this collection to say, this appears as potentially the most thought-out outcome, where the asymmetry and texture of the seaming, which also hides the rows of babylocking through the trapping of the gathering stitch, create an organic and spontaneous effect of growth from the body. The 10cm sample utilised the same concept of entrapping the gathering stitch, however the edges of the sample had far greater length attached to them and so was created with the expectation to fall over the seaming and hide it even further, creating greater vivacity in motion, movement, and the seaming shift of the mutilating forms. However, this was not the case, and the extended edges instead fold inwards, as the mercy of the babylocking, exposing it and further hiding the gathering when it should be potent and celebrated. This was an extremely necessary aspect to explore, and in doing this, there is a great leaning towards the 9cm sample effect, however a decision needs to occur within ones self of whether to include the net underneath the voile, as to whether this will elevate the sample from the body, or if this will occur naturally, and more organically, without this addition. Further exploration and evolution required.

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