• R Mansfield


Building upon the breakthroughs in the coat, is the development to the seam detailing. And what development, from the idea of translating where it had been left into the pattern, to adding and tinkering with the lines, making them more organic and more expressive and expansive across the body, truly engulfing the form in a myriad of biomorphic lines. The development has been followed by the increasing awareness of the task one is undertaking, however, if one cannot push now, when? This is to be tailored piece of biology and structure coming together, and it will be spectacular. It is decided. I want to push this to be a feat of tailored and manufactured esteem. Let Humanity be seduced by the clutches of Nature.

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The continuing flipside to the collection has been the digital work, which both accompanies it and presents the final result of the practical, it is not to be ignored, however as someone who has alway