• R Mansfield

Habitations of the new species

Considering 8 variations, aided by my first year assistant, from my original tiling kaleidoscope, there was a set of prints across the latte Powernet which was decided upon (over the stark brightness of a white and the fullness of a too-pink peach Powernet samples). These all had their own interactions, and while it was clear from the start the deep Kaleidoscope was too much for the Powernet base, and a few of the other variations were not right, it was difficult to narrow down the final few options (particularly those relating to scale). The solution from this became to create something I have been excited to create for a long time- a headmask in the prints, utilising the prints as the base so the effect could be sampled in relation to the body. This showed just how the forms worked in proportion to the body itself. The decision was hence made to work with the print 4x the size of the orignal, and subsequently the pattern was created to form sheets which could work for the printing of the Powernet. Alongside this, the chiffon, and the distorting nature of gathering, were perfect for the tight Kaleidoscope rejected early for the powernet, as the variation in tone and shape was something, I felt to be deeply important in creating the form, and to give the gathering and jumpsuit this sense of life and vivacity and the nature manifests and materialises itself.

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