• R Mansfield

Into the Night

With the catching up of the two weeks of illness, trying to finish the garments, find time to update my sketchbook, reflective journal, Tech Pack, work on my competition briefs of Givenchy and self-initiated Fleet Ilya Brief, organising everything, considering and developing my future; there is a lot to do. There is an element of being snowed under, but I have become someone determined also, and my time at university has made me see that sometimes what needs to be done is not easy, and it may not be the same as others, but it is necessary. The standards to which we hold ourselves are critical, and these decide the type of person we are. While all of this is happening, I am setting constant internal goals to finish things by- e.g. when this is done, it is back to my final patterns and Lay plan for my Tech Pack- because while it may not be easy, it needs to be done and I want to push and work as much as I can now so it is done before submission and I have time to ensure everything is correct and as I would wish for the time when I no longer have control over this project, after so long having shaped and worked on it. Time management is utterly key, and it goes side by side with tenacity and drive, and despite the amount needing to be done, the extension I have been granted in regards to my illness, will hopefully allow for completion to the standard I would always choose to work at. Now is the time to push and to go, to do myself justice. Into the End, with everything I have. Photography by Tom Hughes, Modelled by Lilu, Make-Up by Michelle El

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