• R Mansfield

London Calling- and Fabric.

An opportunity to go to London presented itself, and knowing that I have another unsure outfit to create, I took a chance to gather fabrics which followed for the pieces I want to create. It was certainly an intriguing and useful trip, whereby additions to my collection were considered and I my head, the design was morphing, changing to suit what I felt it would become, and evolve as he fabric informed the potential options, and this near has become a problem, while in London and since, that there is so many potential outcomes, both variations and absolute alternatives, and I cannot decide in complete honesty what to create, as there seems to be so many potent and successful alternatives. The designs need to be noted down, and samples need to be completed accordingly

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The continuing flipside to the collection has been the digital work, which both accompanies it and presents the final result of the practical, it is not to be ignored, however as someone who has alway