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Manipulations and alterations

While Outfit 3, thanks largely to the development of the skirt, is finally beginning to take shape, I had to truly consider the fit of the bodysuit I was making to go underneath, and judge the suitability of a pattern usually used for jersey and stretch fabrics, on a tulle which despite its degree of stretch form its Nylon composition, does not possess the same qualities of movement. This meant ordering more fabrics, and throw the possibility of the Selection Day for Graduate Fashion Week away, something I was already tenuous about given my illness and the state of 3rd and 4th Outfits- However, the pattern needed altering and this is something I knew, especially since I wanted to now double layer the tulle on the body to create a deeper tonality, and I have said from the start, I refuse to send a model in a bodysuit in which they feel uncomfortable, and which is ill-fit. There was a wealth of alterations made, all of which added a degree of a space to all the pieces and seams, and allowed for a good fit, without effecting the comfort and fit. The fabric was ordered with the assumption it would take 3 days to arrive, and that GFW was never going to be an option. And then the fabric took 1 day, and suddenly, the chance to be even close enough to show what the collection could become, flickered back to life.

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