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On the lighter side, which is not something I have been particularly able to enjoy but nonetheless, the assignment of a mentee has taken place, and it is strange to be the mentor, when I so clearly remember being in the opposite position and in awe of the knowledge and nature what my assigned mentor did. There is a great match between us, a similar aesthetic and personal style, and a similar background in art rather than in technical skill. While I was a first year, I always felt a great disadvantage in this, but I want to show her that is does not have to be, and if anything, it forces greater creativity because you cannot rely on conventional skill alone to create the wearable pieces of art one desires to create. This first week I was unable to give her much to do, as I myself feel greatly out of place and off balance with what to do, and so it was about understanding each other, our individual skills, ideas, even our own lives, because there is much you can from anybody, regardless of the nature of the relationship. I will compose plans over the next few weeks of what can be completed and where her skills can be applied and developed, showing her conventions elements, and those which are not so conventional, but more signature to my own Avant Garde style. I endeavour to be a good mentor, and I will do all I can to succeed in this, and to support the development of skills and foster an understanding of what awaits.

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