• R Mansfield

Pure Sculpture

While in a creative rut, the consideration turned to what I had not done which I had been wishing to, and aspects which related to where I felt myself desiring to going on to after this is over- a somewhat scary but imminent thought-. An area which has been considered is the hands -on nature of sculpture- a medium in which the body is connected directly to the motion and finality of the result, and it can be so impulsive and grow from the primal tools of the human body. I needed an escape from the meticulous nature of alterations and pattern-cutting, seeking sanctuary in the impulsiveness a sculptural medium, originating from a conceptual drawing which develops a full-length bodysuit. This started with armature wire, wrapped around a form, considering all the time where it would sit on the body and how the wearer would get it on and off without requiring a strict fastening. Once the form was settled upon, which had a focus on creating a rockface-like façade, which had many areas of protrusion and detail and allowed for the details to grow and develop from within it, as well as effecting an asymmetric silhouette and giving an intense contrast to the body. To create the full façade itself though- Modroc plaster. A medium which requires dipping in water and laying on the frame- a complete and utter mess, but tactile and manipulative in a way which is often only achieved in draping in more conventional fashion practices, which even pales in comparison with how the sculpting methods allow for this result which cannot be replicated or recreated- there is not pattern or true plan, only instinct and understanding of goal, and this makes things unique in their entirety. There was a feeling of untapped potential concerning this piece, more to explore, and more to bring into the piece- which began with the skeleton the aforementioned area, the further additions of wire, designed to curve in and out of the body, and to project the potential of the piece through the plans at hand. The confines and restraints of studios mean this is constricted to home, but it does not limit the potential or the enthusiasm, and will be something which maintains over the course of the everything else- somewhat secretive perhaps, but deeply inclusive.

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