• R Mansfield


In the brevity of a moment, while tinkering with the bodysuit pattern, a 3 minute tutorial/conversation revolutionised the stagnancy of the coat. As it sat on the stand in its prominence, a solemn and stark invader of my space and a reminder of a need for assigned function, I consulted a tutor concerning the nature of placing all the bodily shaping into the side seams to allow for very few panels to be created, and to give an overall façade of beauty and precision of an unimpregnable cage of the restricted human form, which would then be altered round the back of the coat to show the initial realisations of the concept. However, prior to the discussion, the degree of shaping under the bust suggested that to achieve the desired fit while placing the shaping into the side seams would be a task which may not succeed, and to go forth with the style lines, an aspect I mentioned to the tutor. Expecting a yes or no, I in fact got the suggestion to shape and manipulate the seam lines, make them deliberate and interesting, and give them purpose beyond the joining of pieces, adding to the concept of my collection and bringing this air of incredible prominence and foretelling the dynamism of the concept though the structural patternation across the human body. This transformed my perception of the coat and the outlook on it, and brought the invigorating excitement back to it as just the right time. It is about changing the internal while the external and silhouette remains the same, much as the body is while evolution ravages at the necessity for evolution.

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