• R Mansfield

Samplicus Creaitus

The review made the way for gross development in the outfits, pushing forward with the alterations to the jumpsuit, and then into the consideration and operation of the construction of the coat. The jumpsuit alterations are minor elements, however through the possibility of these patterns becoming a truly significant aspect as the basis of the toile to be divided, there was a deicisno to retrace them to clean, new patterns. Over this time, my first year assistant created samples of the décor of the coat under my instruction, to produce an understanding of the behavioural and slight variances with the width of the gather to create the greatest effect over and around the body, as the elements need to appear to overwhelm the human aspect and depict the manifestation of the lines around and over the body as the natural, skeletal form, with its transcendency and effervescent motion, begins to grow and overcome the form. The human form should be distorted and preserved in a balance measure. The samples, in 8cm, 9cm, and 10cm widths, created a form of great power and the variation between them, despite the slightest alterations in width, changes the connotations of the pieces and their relationship to the human proportions. These, taken and placed around and over the form, allows for an initial understanding, however there is a tendency towards the larger of the three options, with considerations of both 9cm and 10cm, to be decided upon with further sampling.


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