• R Mansfield

Take the Leap

This coat has been plaguing my decisions since it was in panels, and upon its finish, where the expected reality of the lack of compensation and stretch in the fabric led to a great deal of ruching, the conflict of whether to utilise the internal or the external has been a conflict of interests. While it has been sampled (a brief area not the whole thing there are so many hours in a day) in a fabric which fits the original vision and complements the pattern as it should, there is also a part of my which feels the cost development has occurred for a reason, and this needs to be understood ad respected while considering the conceptual focus on evolution, and the relationship of the natural and the artificial, which have both led to this point. The conflict of fighting the original idea and the conflict of the new development and the base idea was a difficult one, and many people offered their opinions, but ultimately, this was most crucially a design decision, and hence., after considering the effect, fabrics, sampling, and considering the nature of the seam articulation in relation to the collection and concept, I, as the designer, elected to create the seaming on the exterior. In recognising and accepting this, the next direction was to consider how to amplify this, with the answer lying in an increased complexity of the pattern itself. To accentuate and increase the textual feast of the surface, the pattern is currently being slashed and spread in carefully selected areas to accentuate gathers, while other areas have the seam allowance increased, while the sewing line remains the same, to give greater vivacity and height to the outcome, where the textual sensation, which attracts the hands and gazes of passers, and of those in the place to bow to the piece, is given greater power. This piece is gradually becoming a complex nightmare to create, but I am adoring every moment and revealing in the potential of the heightened outcome.

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