• R Mansfield

The Beast

While things seemed to have picked up, the fabric arrived, the pattern has been altered for the bodysuit, and the petal decoration had been burned for application, there is always one thing to throw you off, and just 3 days before I had to confidently present my collection, the issue arrived in the form of the doubt of another, as a time when I felt little doubt about Outfit 3, and the way in which I strode to present it, only made the doubt worse, as there seemed to be such determination the garment did not fit into the collection, and lacked the same natural ease of the others which just seemed to occur. This near broke me. This garment I had already spent so long agonising over, and had finally felt I could resolved and re-trust my instincts, now seemed incongruous and out of place- too forced and without the poise of the others. On this day, many hours were lost to the obsessive continuous questioning, and while part of my psyche told me to trust myself and carry on regardless, the doubt plagued me. Eventually, I resolved to create the bodysuit regardless of this feedback and force myself to trust in my choices, even if I did not feel like I could rely on them now. The ability to visualise alternatives or to see what the garment would transform into was somewhat lost, to leave the only option as to create it and then alter if necessary from there. However, upon the creation of the bodysuit, the addition of the floral streams, and paired with the skirt, there was a great deal of excitement for the results. Except, and this was minor compared to the psychological battle, finding a ,solution for the fastening of the skirt. By sheer accident, while considering the potential of small black hook and eyes at the front of the skirt, magnets were presented. Magnets allow for invisibility, strength, and maintain a greater illusion of the pieces coming together. Hence, the Centre Back was attached, other than the small point which is part of the design, and the nature of the application tested, with small bags with the magnets sealed inside, were burned, and then burned to the Centre Front. Upon preliminary use and sampling, there were no issues at all; when the garment was put on, it just fell to the ground. This was a punch in the stomach after the recent issues with the outfit anyway, and the lack of forgiveness of the method. However, the best way to remedy this was to work fast, and as the plastic has an element of tackiness, allowed for the alteration to a series of hook and eyes which hold in a far superior manner. There are some slight indications of stitching in invisible thread, to hold the central spine in place when attached, however the fastening is strong, small, and functional, and will without the walking of the wearer. This outfit is a beast.

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