• R Mansfield

The Final Unit, Initial Struggles

Receiving the brief for Ba3b, everyone knew roughly what to expect, or at the very least, it was to the creation of a 6-Outfit Collection, and then additional elements; Though with the exception of only having to create 5 due to completing one in the previous unit. In this aforementioned unit, I choose to go with the outfit I was most pleased with, most excited by, and was the culmination of the collection a grand and powerful display of art and fashion. This was expected, and the continuation was what drove my creative vision. Yet. The brief happened, and it was not what we promised, it was not expected. And this has been a big problem. The entire year hinges on an awareness of the end goal, of knowing what needs to be done and beginning the concept, and design and manufacture with an internal knowledge of what should be done. But the decision to change this partway through a year is a complete shamble. A mockery of the concern and inclusion of students in the decision process, presented at a time which is so pivotal that is disturbs the creative and working process of every creative- as the goal changed with no time or methods to prepare for this. And of all the things to change, the garment, the one which was the crowning glory of the collection and the final sculpture piece of radiant and revolutionary power- cannot be included. Hours and hours, and hundreds of pounds later, and it cannot be included. This piece was the pivotal one in my collection, and a piece which I feel has finished so successfully and with such impact that it in fact created a consideration over the recent time of the desire to change the collection to create outfits which have this greater sense of presence, statuesque drama, and power. And now this has been told, there feels to be a loss of drive for the collection and for the collection to utilise the power of this garment in different ways , and as though there needs to be new conceptual research which imbues the collection. This will be difficult task to overcome, the power and intention of my favoured piece of the collection , all gone without display in the final collection as I wanted the time to complete it well, and now it has been dismissed. Devastation. Fury. All while trying to remain creative. This is not going to be easy. But this is Fashion, it never is. The industry is brutal and demanding, why should the course be any different?

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