• R Mansfield

The Flipside

The continuing flipside to the collection has been the digital work, which both accompanies it and presents the final result of the practical, it is not to be ignored, however as someone who has always found themselves as a slight disadvantage with the nature of manufacture, whether it is speed, or in a perfectionist attempt, and therefore there has been a heavy predominance for the practical, to allow time to complete the digital, without waiting for the practical. There is a method to this, while also being a large volume of similar types of work, it is not that I have done none, but with aspects such as the portfolio, it feels as the conclusion of the project, this many be from the routine of school, and now university, where the boards have typically been presented and created once the work itself has come to fruition, however this seems to allow for greater clarity in the outcomes and the most relevant pieces to include to illustrate the journey of months into a new of A3 Boards. Aspects such as my Tech Pack have been juggled, and while there has been a sense of urgency regarding time, this was an aspect which was genuinely enjoyed; it allowed for the practical and literacy areas of my brain to create something logical and tangible. The academic background from whence I came, means that written aspects provide some balance and some relief, where the creative demand is allowed to rest in favour of the logical and definitive. The tackle of the digital aspects, beyond the need to scan, print, and measure aspects for the variety of created elements, has been something of a challenge in times beyond university, when I must rely on my own technology , and the high-quality, large -screened, powerful systems are swapped for far smaller and lower quality technology with comparatively little power, the creation of portfolio boards, website, and any other digital elements, such as the detailed tracing of the Pattern piece for the Tech Pack, have taken far longer, and are more difficult to create to the standard I aspire to. Nonetheless, diligence and understanding are the only controllable aspects in these terms, and the recognition of when are where are the best places to utilise the technologies to their fullest capabilities.

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