• R Mansfield

The future is charred.

After a country-wide trip to Cardiff, the return to Norwich brought new vigour to create and to push the boundaries- the questioning I had previously struggled with withered a susbstantial amount, and my collection has become again about creating for the concept and for myself- the concerns of my tutors and of what is “right”, while I am still receptive to feedback, I am not going to hold back any longer- and so , the decision has been made with the skirt…to Burn it together. Burning and blistering the edges on all sides, and then burn the molten plastic together, using the seams externally in spines which protrude and shape up and around the skirt. This has been sampled and is only possible as it is so successful, where beyond the curling and organic destruction of perfect form, the smoke leaves trails of where the fire touched the plastic, and the blackened edge of the beads of melted plastic is akin to organic spores manifesting and slowing reaching out over the surface it is traversing. The creation of the pattern, from the calico pieces used to drape the skirt has 2cm added around the exterior to allow for the necessary pre-assembly burn, as well as to ensure significant connection at the seams of the skirt., and create the spines which stand away starkly from the fluid form. Once cut and notched, to ensure as greater accuracy as possible with such an Avant Garde method, the burning process took time, but nowhere near as long as anticipated, and the skirt came together remarkably quickly in comparison to some other pieces. And the effect, it is power and influence and importance and monumental strength and power in the most unusual of ways. The skirt appears as it is a threat, and organic and natural in its poise to threaten any nearby competition or Predators who would dare cross her path. Moving and stature in its placement and precision and is an indicator this is the right direction for the collection, something which may have never come to being if everything which has transpired, had not. The fastening was initially to be a concealed zip, but seeing the result, and the lack of sewn seams, it would take completely away from what makes the skirt special and impactful. This needs to be considered further and experimented with, as the method is not so forgiving to allow for alterations if the method fails to work. The skirt remans in two halves consequently, and while the pattern is symmetrical, the method has given a variety of discrepancies to the pieces, and while they mimic the small silhouette, the way in which is it achieved lacks the perfectionism the artificial and has further connotations of sinewy life.

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