• R Mansfield

The Future is Now.

Prior to this year, I has created a complete garment in Acrylic before however there were difficulty issues in assembling it around a person, in wear, and it was the beginning of a concept with potential, which was in the nascent stages of it development. From here, the concept has been taken so much further, to become so much more. This acrylic was not just about bringing an unconventional material to the body, but creating something which was far more potent as a result, and truly resonated with an audience of a them, as it swirled and contorted around the form to materialise the fluctuations in the new Evolution. The base of the corset which has been considerably more sculptured than intended- but is all the more powerful for it- lacked balance, and needed elements to stand away, and match the back, which has far freer movement owed to the thinner state of the acrylic pattern. There are series of holes in the corset which have been allocated and allow foe the placement and joining of additional pieces. In order to create most freely, but also to embody the concept with the siege via Nature, 0.5cm screw holes were lasercut in to leftover pieces of the acrylic, to allow for aforementioned joining, while creating a completely free opportunity to saviour the chance to freely sculpt and alter depending on the nature of the shapes desired, with such need to fit the form, or such time needed to sculpt such vast pieces. This started simply by sculpting a vibrant form which stood away from the body, and moving it around different areas, examining it from a range of angles, and then continuing to sculpt based on considerations of placement and movement. A key aspect of the sculpting of acrylic has been the 360° view which has been consistently observed, understanding how it will look from all angles, with an awareness of the consequences of the interpretation, and imbuing all sides with power. The placement of these 3 additional elements, alongside the corset itself, the neck piece, and the headpiece, culminates in one of ethereal reality of the shifting evolution occurring across the form, and to contort round into the presence of a Natural power overcoming all boundaries to rise above in this superior race

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