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The King of Fashion & the side Venture

Among a sidestep into Costuming, London was on the agenda, for one initial reason, which eventually tackled three. The foremost- Dior. The exhibition was an inspiration, to see the iconic work of the “King of Fashion”, of pieces which are iconic around the world, and not just in fashion, and to see the diverse interpretation and direction of the esteemed house. Everyone around, and myself, feels a connection to the creative director of their most similar mind-set- myself, Galliano Of course! To see how any idea and theme could be interpreted in such a vast array of ways, from the minds of such expansive creatives just breathes life into ideas, and into following truly, your own style as it can work wherever you are and whatever you do. Alongside the starring role of Dior, there was a small element of fabric shopping, which proved most fruitful in the usable hub of Fabrics one is drawn to- Misan Textiles- regardless of price, where two potential fabrics have been located. The final part was to fulfil another aspect of ones involvement in film- picking up a dress from the Costume department of the National Theatre. Upon glimpsing this labyrinth, many wonders hung around the seemingly endless landscape, and it is now on a list of endeavours to explore it. Costume was an area I had not seriously considered until the completion of the Shakespeare ReFashioned Project in the prior unit, but it appears to be increasingly of interest- time will tell-, however, this work in costume has been an exhilarating change of pace.

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