• R Mansfield

The most natural bodies

London called again this week, however for different reasons, and among this, was a chance to see something entirely new, but draws on an engrained appreciation for academic referencing and taking inspiration from more unusual sources. This occasion was the “Human Evolution” area of the Natural History Museum, where the forms of skulls, shapes of bones, colour and patternation, and overall detail given to the reasons and realities for changes within the human body, are presented. Deeply resonating with my concept, the models and real-life examples on display gave new angles of inspiration, and approaches the visual and sculptural style of the headmasks, as well as other garments which could benefit from this aspect. Overall, it was an incredibly fortuitous time to be in London, and reinvigorates my inspiration to the concept, as the true pattern of human evolution, becomes interwoven and grown in the collection itself. Evolution is at hand.

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