• R Mansfield

The Re-administered Body

Discussions regarding the jumpsuit have ranged from changes in the style of the wrapping gathered-chiffon, to placement, to the use of a headmask, to the colouration, however the main aspect which has formed the process of the jumpsuit is the choice to utilise print. This print has been explored prior, and great consideration was made to consider whether to utilise it on a large of small scale, but ultimately became an aspect chosen not to explore for fear of being remembered as a print designer. However, the striking and stunning nature of the print, and the abstract way in which it explores the concept is one which needs to be explored in greater depth, and so sampling in the print became a focus- both digitally and physically. Upon the initial digital variations, the decision was to discontinue the idea and retain the path, however there was an element of their striking presence and depth which uttered “Sample Me.” and so I did, and am I glad about it. It emerged, both in the chiffon to be gathered and in the PowerNet that the print was effective- it became a matter of selecting the print for each.

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The continuing flipside to the collection has been the digital work, which both accompanies it and presents the final result of the practical, it is not to be ignored, however as someone who has alway