• R Mansfield

The Words of Others

Tutorials and meeting are greatly shaped by the attitude the individual possesses on entering it, and on this occasion, I felt as though my direction (at least immediately) was sorted, and the outcome was progressing at as great a pace as I could expect given the circumstances of altering and intensifying already complex patterns. This tutorial, however, was even more helpful than I could have anticipated and hoped for- fuelling my ideas and encouraging even more areas in which to push myself to develop and grow, and work with unique skill and techniques to create a final outcome of great symbolism and semblance. The meeting was a fascinating one, and the push for the works in acrylic (a technique I love to indulge in), the pushing and accentuation of the coat, and for the considered approach to the divisional additions of the jumpsuit fired my enthusiasm and the heartbeat of the project was deeply felt once again. Viva la Evolution!


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