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Think Again

Selection did not come without its focus points of changes and alterations however; the main point of contention being the necessity of something underneath the acrylic garment, which is not my personal choice- but I am aware I cannot fight every rule. This has been a difficult aspect to tackle, as I have designed and considered multiple options for underneath, and while one in particular stuck out to the point of illustrating the dress, there was feedback, which is typical fashion was difficult to handle initially, until the realisation it was right. Feedback which stated that anything too complicated is going to take away from the acrylic, and reduce it completely by stealing focus to the garment below. This is entirely true, and so the consideration of simply a bodysuit came to mind, and the potential to decorate it with sinuous forms which would bring artificial and natural elements into the undergarment. I want things to be done, and I do not want to spend too long trying to make decisions, and this is not the main focus, however the lack of assurance have made this difficult, and there needs to be clarity regarding the outfit before it can be an aspect which does not plague with concern. The sinuous forms were cut away from a bodysuit, and pattern-ised, and then recreated, and it looked awful, just tacky and cheap, and beyond any kind of repair. At this point, the cutting away was almost completely dismissed, and the current path is to create a bodysuit in a red hue to create a link with the other outfits, while ensuring modesty. The fabric however, cannot be the same as Outfit 3, and the search for appropriate fabrics has led to the next venture to a brighter red tulle, to be combined with black ,this will add to the sense of movement, and presence, and incorporates the tonality of the collection, the elusive nature of fabric in motion, the smokiness of the plastic an the burn marks. There is a promise about this which feels positive.

A further change, which was a point of personal contention, was the use of the cream petal streams on Outfit 3. There has been a continual questioning of whether this would work, and whether it was too stark against the outfits and against the collection itself. In some lights and line-ups, it felt it would lift the collection, and other times it seemed out of place, and too innocent of the collection. There has always been a personal lean towards to the latter, and hearing it form others confirmed it for me. This however, set about the question of what to substitute it for, which fabrics would work without seeming incongruous in the outfit, and across the collection. This brought back the considerations of the prior tutorial on this outfit which throw me off my confidence, where criticism included the lack of connectivity between the garments; this presented an opportunity to change that. The last scraps and pieces of the smoked plastic were burnt in strips, and even upon sampling, the garment felt much more together, and more streamlined within the collection itself. As a result, the process of removing the cream and replacing the plastic has begun, attaching every point by hand to try and reduce the presence of clear marks of adhesion. I am excited to see how this looks upon completion, as the lighter elements had been a consistent concern, and there is a feeling that bringing together the two aspect will have powerful and imposing.

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