• R Mansfield

Time to Sketch

Failure to realise when a break is needed has often been a downfall of mine, something which has severely affected my time throughout my creative and academic pursuit, and it had come to fruition this week as creativity, motivation, and inspiration left, and it became abundantly clear that the small city in which this degree and project is pursued, needed to be left. So I did. Not for long, but it was enough time, it had the needed effect, even if it took some time to realise that. Time away gave clarity to what is important in my project, and the more I was expected to explain, the more I was reminded what my concept it and how it inspires me, while also recognising it had greatly moved on and this needed to be allowed, the development of the prior unit , is nowhere near the final result, and this was difficult to recognise in some ways, majorly through the adoration of the dress which have been created. Time away allowed for time to clear my head, and time where not every exasperation and frustration had to be explained and seemingly addressed by a solution- my subconscious and conscious were allowed to breathe, and so could regenerate in their creative patterns. This was good for me, and even in the time away, it was productive as a sketch of a new outfit manifested, something I could see and be excited about. This was good.

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