• R Mansfield

Tuning out the Noise.

Needing an extension was one thing I did not want to have to do, however I am obsurdly glad I did, as the time lost over those two weeks of illness has become increasingly blatant. While there is an issue still with the nature of the extension length, having only been granted 11 days, as opposed to the requested 14 which I actually lost, this cannot be helped, and is likely in the event of Graduate Fashion Week and the need to prepare for that. Nonetheless, despite being selected by GFW’19, my focus remains purely on hand-in, as this is why I am here, not for GFW, and my degree is what will carry me forwards. It has been a difficult time, having an extension whilst almost everyone around me celebrates, relaxes, and, mostly without intention, parades their complete lack of responsibility now. This has made the possession of an extension, while incredibly necessary, and one I am grateful for, a difficult task within itself. However, as that time draws to a close, it is the standard rush for hand-in, and bore even further from the reality of the bank holiday the day prior, preventing any admittance upon this day.

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