R E P L A C 3


Replac3 is a collection whereupon one outfit was finalised, however upon discovering this, techniques which flourished in later collections became possible through my first ventures into acrylic. Combining traditional pattern-drafting with digital pattern-drafting, laser-cutting, heat moulding, and hardware skills, this project laid the foundations to consider the potential of unconventional materials, where I was not constrained by fabric as I had been, and I finally undertook concepts which has fascinated me so.


The piece examines our relationship with the concept of “the Future” and how our dystopian projects of it create a morbid image of a disconnected and sterile world, whereupon our garments reflect our lack of connection, and speak of a new age of isolation. The coarseness of the materials, their lack of suitability for the comfort we crave in everyday life, and yet their balanced beauty and fragility address the realities of our digital age, with such a falsity to our digital projections. How we step forth, and how we consider the idea of “The Future” speaks of our ability as a race to accept change, as well as our ability to adapt to it.

The Garment is photographed in the surreal state of Underwater, where gravity is somewhat suspended, and the isolation is highlighted, while also celebrating the evolutionary nature of the outfit as one of “The Future”.

Acrylic bodice and Mirrored Lasercut pieces by Myself
Photography by Rekha Garton
Modelled by Grace Appleby